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Choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery can be a difficult decision to make. With the increase in information in the media and on the Internet, it is essential that you have access to accurate information to help you make the right choice. Mr Roblin will listen to your concerns and wishes, then advise you on the most suitable procedure that will benefit your individual needs, with no obligation to proceed. Before you embark on any procedure he will ensure that you fully understand what he is aiming to achieve and what the procedure entails.

He and his trained plastic surgery nurses will provide you with a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week support to ensure that your post-operative experience is both safe and as comfortable as possible.

PIP Implants

Potential concerns with 'PIP' breast implants that have been used by some surgeons for breast augmentation and breast reconstruction have once more been highlighted in the media.
Currently there is no evidence that these implants are harmful for patients but further evidence from French authorities may be shortly presented. The MHRA advice at present is that patients who have had PIP implants inserted should be reviewed and examined by their treating surgeon.

Although Mr Roblin has never used PIP implants, as a one of the country's leading cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgeons he is eminently placed to examine and give advice on the most appropriate course of action for individual patients who have concerns about their breast implants.